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Chan Ká Vergel



February 8, 2020 | 16.00 to 22.30 pm




A first walk through the jungle of Chan Ká Vergel takes us to the Chultun de Agua Madre to be welcomed by the natural environment. We leave the everyday world. We move away from their energies to access our own.

These are the first steps on the path to Xibalbá, the world of the soul and spirits, our origin. We find our inner child there, the one who once came into the world with the curiosity to find his own way.


Life, our mistakes, and the bad news of the world infect us. It is good to cleanse ourselves of the effects, toxins and nightmares of the past to take a new perspective. Fire is the cleaning agent that accompanies us on the journey. With the Elixir of the Presence we support the same alchemy within.

We are inspired by the game of flames to define our intention. We give space to both the destructive force of fire and its vital energy. Dancing like the flames of fire, without intention, and in perfect harmony with the environment, we find the secret of life.



Life transforms us, and out of habit, we stay the same. Our intention does not change, but we deviate, we experience traumas, accidents, dependencies, disappointments.

We can always return to the point of origin, re-encode our experience, and collect with the purity of our soul.

In the heat of the Temazcal tensions are released, we run into our limits, and again, we learn to breathe, repeating our life of the first 9 months in the womb.

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