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Chan Ká Vergel

Chan Ká Vergel is a 15-hectare forest garden and organic farm located in the southern state of Yucatán, Mexico, near Oxkutzcab, operated in an ancient way. While planting trees on a small hill on the farm, Bernardo found the remains of a pre-Hispanic village and spent 30 years researching how it may have operated 2,000 years ago. These old buildings are currently being rebuilt to form a sustainable community.

Supported by shamanic guidance, a villa structure emerged that is communicative, ecologically sustainable, and pleasant to live in. Around 12,000 stones were carved to create places and spaces.

Most of the production is based on the “Vital Village” model, which uses Bernd Neugebauer's concept of Agrology, inspired by ancient Mayan knowledge and technologies.

Dr. Bernd Neugebauer | Bernardo del Monte


Bernd was trained to lead a major forest restoration company when he encountered the patterns and mechanisms of destruction in the rainforest. Since then, he has deepened his understanding of sustainability and practiced viable options for a regenerative economy: restoring rainforests, cooperating with marginalized rural communities, advising on policy, developing concepts for corporate sustainability.


Currently Bernardo creates a research ejido, with which he provides a field of exploration of his own being, and of our patterns of social coherence.


Training and mentoring in 26 countries, he learned that each of us can begin to transform the world. We all have the necessary inherent knowledge. The necessary changes are simple: as soon as we recognize who we really are and what our role here on Earth is, new peaceful relationships evolve. Our willpower is strengthened, personal growth and togetherness become a valuable quality, and as we begin to act, we learn to be a part of the whole. We are entering an ever deeper process of personal and social growth.


"I see myself as a midwife in the process, dedicated to research, education, and social design.

I live as an independent practitioner in forestry and tropical forestry. I am one of the founding fathers of the global organic movement IFOAM and the FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, Forest Sustainability Council. I have extensive experience in organizational development, policy advice / research, and facilitation of personal development.

I live in a small town in the ecologically self-sufficient Mayan rainforest in Yucatán, México. "



Dr. rer. nat Natural Sciences and comprehensive rural planning.

He studied forestry, agrology, biology, genetics, navigation, pedagogy, with an emphasis on action research, creative education, and relationship management.

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