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A small town

Why live in the jungle? | by Bernd Neugebauer

As humanity inhabiting this small planet called earth we are part of the universe that is infinitely large, alive and very creative.

We have lived in recent years as if we were the center of the universe, ruling the earth as if we were its absolute owners. Now we are realizing that we are on our way to irreversibly destroying our home if we don't change course.

I live in the jungle to learn from it, capture its spirit and its being. I chose a jungle in Yucatán many years ago to learn from the example set by the Mayan masters, of their struggle for a long and sustainable life. Now I am sharing what I have learned in the last forty years to design a path to the future.


How to change our path?

The nature that surrounds us is giving us very good examples of peaceful community coexistence, the jungles and forests are the best developed communities on the planet. These communities are technically more advanced and productive than our modern human society. They have peaceful leadership, a deep and effective communication system, and resilience to any impact.


Any animal or plant lives in abundance, only man invented scarcity. We run, we fight, we compromise ... Instead of joining our efforts to achieve something great as a community we have become individualists and as a consequence we suffer from loneliness.

Eco-logic means living in community, recognizing that each man and each woman is different, and that our differences obtain their value by integrating into a complex that can be the family, a town and society in general. We need to recognize who we are in order to develop our potential and share it with others.

The worst disease in today's society is loneliness. The greatest satisfaction is recognition, and feeling part of a whole, supported by others. We need to reassess the human community. The rest comes easily.


I receive visits from all over the world. I myself left Germany many years ago, a country considered one of the richest and most developed to live in an economically poor context but abundant in other riches. Many times my visitors no longer want to go out saying that 'this is true luxury'!

It is a luxury that everyone can have.

It means living in houses with a minimum of technology, with fresh air that does not need to be cooled any more, with rich water that makes a bathroom feel luxurious, with bird concerts as there are no longer in many places. 24 years ago I started planting my own jungle and today it is the most developed in the state of Yucatan. I discovered the traces of the ancient Mayan civilization on my land and I dedicate myself to rebuilding it. I follow in the footsteps of the ancient inhabitants and I feel that they are my own.

I have learned that we are all one, united by the same quality of being, destined to live in peace.

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