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We have a wide variety of projects, programs and workshops in the areas of sustainable development, sustainable housing construction, forestry, comprehensive health and many more.



  1. Private guided tour | groups up to 40 people
    Topics: the jungle | restore the territory | cultural bases | regenerative and sustainable practices.

  2. Temazcal Ceremonies | groups of 10 to 15 people on Full Moon weekends: Introduction to the rite | preparation and practice | energy jobs | cures as needed Cost | 300 pesos | medications and cures according to agreement

  3. Fasts | groups of 5 to 12 people (duration 5 to 15 days) / complete program: Detoxification | constellations | course in food and health | personal empowerment Cost: 2,000 Pesos entry and 500 Pesos per day | includes treatments, medicines, lodging

  4. Silvicultural training: in Chan Ká we began the restoration of the Yucatecan jungle since 1995. Our first forests reach heights of almost 30 meters. They are dominated by Mahogany and Cedars up to 6 cm thick, and have an understory that includes cocoa and coffee. By concrete measurement we know the productivity and the potential for use of the wood resource. We have designed concepts and practical plans for the restoration of peninsular forests. The project will lead to the creation of half a million jobs and has the potential to create the largest industry.

  5. Training in water management and microorganisms: While the forest may occupy a third or more of the surface, there will be other areas dedicated to the promotion of settlements and agricultural lands. The ancient Mayans left us a basic education to achieve this successfully, and to be able to establish an infrastructure capable of sustaining population densities many times greater than those that exist today. The key to achieving this is the healthy management of water and microorganisms.

  6. Mayan terrace training: the physical infrastructure supports the management of water, microorganisms and soil. In its time it was the main facility in almost the entire peninsula. We assume, by archaeological observation and experimentation, that these terraces existed in multiple versions adapted to specific local conditions. They make it possible to reduce the area necessary for food production and optimize the use of available water. This system of terraces has been denied by the vast majority of researchers for not having left a visible trace after its destruction and prohibition during colonial times: a terrace requires constant care; without these it disappears in a short time.

  7. Accommodation in Chan Ká Vergel: some of our houses are offered as if they were hotel rooms in the forest. To those interested we send the updated offers of each era. | +52 997 1020 411

Chan Ká Vergel is being formed as a school, and with its growing activities its activities and offers change. The previous offers (options 1 to 7) will always be kept. Our options for deepening knowledge will change depending on the current situation. We indicate the topics for our trainings. There may be combinations and variations of these themes depending on the interested parties.




Please contact us if you are interested in knowing our schedule of activities!

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