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Chan Ká Vergel is being formed as a school, and with its growing activities its activities and offers change according to the current situation.

Here are the topics for our trainings. There may be combinations and variations of these themes depending on the interested parties.


We work with groups from 5 to 50 people. We have spaces for the accommodation of about 20 people (mostly in hammocks), and we are constantly expanding and improving these spaces. We charge what the training costs us, we operate in an independent, self-financed cooperative, and we pay for all services. We ask that you consider contributions to the construction and restoration of the space within your possibilities.

The following are the main topics that have aroused interest in individuals, schools, companies, and universities.


  1. Health training | health is defined by the World Health Organization with physical, mental and social well-being. Chan Ká Vergel's main objective of its initiatives and teachings is to promote human and environmental health. We dedicate our productive activities to the production of high quality food, nutritional supplements and natural medicines. We have preventive and curative medicines for the vast majority of ailments and diseases. We share our learnings and teach the necessary skills to build a healthier society.

  2. Training history and conceptions of life | he who wants to design a better future needs to know the past. We learn from traditions, histories, analysis of the conceptions that guide our lives, and from the diversity of cultural approaches. In Chan Ká we perceive the human being as HOMO POLÍTICUS - participating and acting politically is a necessary and fundamental part of our life. Understanding the fundamentals of politics means creating the conditions for our freedom and health.

  3. Selva en Botella sellers training | we seek and train those who would like to build their own business distributing healthy supplements and medicines. Currently, the demand for effective medications against COVID and the like is high. We have very effective potions, and we have seen enough testimonies of their effectiveness to be able to sell them on a larger scale.

  4. Microorganism vendor training | the same is true for the distribution of our microorganisms. We have been developing complex strains for 17 years to be used in home hygiene, health, gardens, swimming pools, agriculture, and dozens of other applications. Anyone who would like to dedicate himself to transmitting this healthy and economically accessible option to the public meets with great interest, and must have the tenacity to be deeply trained to be able to respond. We offer the corresponding training.

  5. Training in the constitution and management of autonomous cooperatives | we cannot do everything alone. Cooperating among several is, obviously, one more necessary step in the improvement of our lives. For many the question is how to do it. We teach the real possibilities under their legal, organizational, psychological and productive aspects. We refer to the models already lived by a good number of initiatives in the world. We offer, for those who are interested, the possibility of participating in the teams already formed in Chan Ká Vergel or within the peninsular social and environmental restoration programs, as is the case of the following.

  6. Training with YOUNG scholarships BUILDING THE FUTURE | we are establishing a specific school to support this program.

  7. Training of technicians and facilitators SEMBRANDO VIDA | We have started training courses for technicians and leaders of this program.

For those interested in moving to a new way of living - in nature, in sovereignty and autonomy - we offer the following options. (We ask those interested in being part of our community to fill out a questionnaire and we will base our specific offer on their specific contributions and needs.)


1. Buying a house in Chan Ká Vergel | we build Mayan houses. Applying the rules of traditional architecture to modern needs and expectations result in very welcoming spaces.

2. Rent a house in Chan Ká Vergel | To feel and practice life in a natural environment under the lines of the Mayan culture, we rent some of our houses for months. You can request a questionnaire, and based on your expectations we will prepare a specific offer for you.


Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more!

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